Wanna be my survival buddy?


Site-specific public art installation. The Tree Museum, Muskoka, Ontario. Commissioned by The Tree Museum.

Media: laser etched acrylic panels, black spray paint, stainless steel screws (dead trees used for attachments)

Dimensions: each panel 20.5 cm x 28 cm (10 panels)

Photos: Millie Chen, E.J. Lightman

By creating a text-based work, and mounting small laser etched panels on dead trees, I treated the Tree Museum as an “open book.” Content for this “book” was sourced from collected quotes, remembered conversations, and journal notes. Humans have only roamed the planet for one hundred thousand years, and given our perceived precarious existence presently, and the knowledge that ninety percent of all life forms that have inhabited the earth are currently extinct, it would seem ill conceived that we are immune from this fate. I present musings, and fact-based thoughts on strategies to best contemplate my fear of the future.

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