Collaboration with Millie Chen

Permanent site-specific public art installation. Dempsey Park, North York, Toronto. Commissioned by the City of Toronto.

Media: bronze, patina, concrete

Dimensions: 1,254 sq. m

Through a collaborative design process between the landscape designers, the artists and the neighbouring residents, this site’s agricultural history was integrated into its daily use. A walk along the paths traces the passage of time. Appearing at irregular intervals are remnants and symbols from the past of this site that is now named Dempsey Park. The remnants and symbols are cast in bronze and imbedded into the physical structures of the park. The time line that begins in the prehistoric (ancient flora and fauna: ginkgo, worm) and travels through First Nations culture (agricultural mound of corn, bean, squash) to European agricultural settlement (agricultural implements: grass plot edging knife, scythe, halter knot, two-man saw, hand cultivator, work glove, wagon wheel) is mapped out beginning at the west entrance and meandering toward the east area of the park. Interrupting this linear passing of time are the tracked lateral movements of past and present indigenous animals (Northern Leopard frog, White-tailed deer); the raccoon prints symbolize an insistent presence that endures to this day.

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