Ministry for Future Modification: Beijing Office


Collaboration with Millie Chen

Installation. Where Where Art Space, Beijing, China.

Media: sand, stud and drywall office space, door, office furniture, fluorescent tubes, miscellaneous office items, latex paint

Dimensions: 18.5 sq. m

This installation transforms the gallery into an officially appointed technological control center that can theoretically chart both the physical and psychological shifts of unsanctioned actions. Be it undesirable weather or unsavory behavior, the Ministry for Future Modification is mandated to monitor destabilizing change. Is such an enterprise predestined for failure? The obvious pitfalls of such an enterprise are suggested through the inundation of a chaotic exterior landscape into the controlled interior of an office setting. The juxtaposition of the official “memo” with the scenario suggested by the installation is intended to accentuate this incongruity.