Collaboration with Millie Chen

Site-specific public art installation. Toronto Sculpture Garden, Toronto. Commissioned by L.L.O. Sculpture Garden Foundation.

Media: cast gelcoated fibreglass, steel, light fixtures

Dimensions: 130 sq. m

Photos: William Greer

Designed for a small park set in the thick of a large urban centre’s downtown zone, this installation plays with notions of public and private space through the displacement of the most public room in a domestic setting – the living room. The varying hues of green (displayed in the second DVD image as a colour key) pigmenting the functional furnishings are sourced directly from nature and imitate vegetative outcroppings. The selection of these particular greens are based on their designation as distasteful/loud/dismal in certain interior design manuals. Within Greenroom, they ultimately serve as a subtle critique on the suspect ‘greening’ (i.e. pseudo ecological) trend of the cultivators of taste.

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